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Classic Car Club Ford Vs. Ferrari 

In '66, Ford shipped its new GT40 to France with the singular goal of beating Ferrari in the greatest race in the world. LeMans. By now, we’ve all seen the movie. You know the story. And we think Tracy Letts hasn’t received enough praise for his portrayal of portrayal of Henry Ford II ... but no matter. 

At CCC, we're not fond of spectating. We’re all about the first-hand experience. To wit, welcome to CCC Ford Vs Ferrari. Snag this points package and be the first to drive our newest acquisitions back-to-back – the monstrous 2006 Ford GT and the sinister 2020 Ferrari F8 Tributro – points free and on us.  Live it and leave the dramas for the rest of them.

$25,000 gets you 3,000 drive points and a points free drive in both the Ford GT and F8 Tributo.

Only three F vs F point packages are available. Get yours here. Questions? Contact Adam and he’ll help you strap in. 

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