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SCCA Race School 2024

The best way to get your competition license.

Saturday March 16, 2024 through Sunday March 17, 2024
5:00 PM - 4:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time)
Summit Point Raceway, WV
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March 16-17 at the legendary Summit Point Raceway, the once a year SCCA Racing License school will teach you how to race wheel-to-wheel with the best of them. This is by far the best bang for your buck race school in the country.

Throughout the weekend you will alternate between classroom instruction, "Green Flag" sessions on track, and one-on-one coaching. After completing the school you'll receive a SCCA novice permit which can be used to enter any SCCA regional race. After completing 3 races you'll receive a full competition license that can be renewed for life.

No prior experience is necessary, but a basic understanding of car control and the driving line is advised. If you're totally green, 2 hours of preliminary training in the Sim room will prepare you for this school. You'll need to know how to drive a manual transmission, but if you don't know how to heel/toe you'll get to learn during the school.

Veteran members of the CCC Race team will be down at the School to help guide you through the weekend. We will set you up with arrive and drive race car rental, on track hospitality and will be there to raise a glass and celebrate when it's all done. 


How much experience do I need? - No experience required, but you should be a competent driver and know the basics of car control and the racing/driving line on track. We'll hold several Simulator room training sessions in advance of this school to learn these principles as well.

How much seat time will I get? - TONS, you can expect several hours of seat time Saturday and Sunday.

What Safety equipment do I need? - Club racing these days is an extremely safe sport due to the advancements of safety equipment and roll cage design. You'll be expected to have your own personal safety gear. Helmet, suit, shoes, hans device, socks, nomex underwear that meet current specifications. There is a range of safety gear available for every racing budget. While gear usually isn't cheap, it's an investment that will last you many years if you take care of it. Our local race shop is Stable Energies in NJ, CCC members get 10% off in-store purchases.

Who provides the car and trackside? - CCC's racing partner Windsor Customs based out of Summit Point has been providing CCC trackside support for several years. They've built over 100 spec miata race cars, worked with SCCA for car class development, and know all the little tricks to setup a car to go Fast. Besides providing the race car to rent, their 18 wheeler Race Semi provides a nice place to cool off and relax when not on track.

More Questions?  contact Zac  to go fast. 
SCCA Race School 2024

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